Dec 11, 2014
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Bright whole ring from polymer clay with a hole cut outs

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In this photo tutorial I will show you how to make a beautiful and bright ring from polymer clay!


To create this rings, we need:

  • metallic cap from perfume,
  • large round cutter,
  • Acrylic rolling pin,
  • a ball of black polymer clay,
  • a thin layer of black polymer clay with glitter,
  • a colourful workpiece (or any workpiece – in any technique) I have this slice of Mokume Gane!

I took Premo Black and Premo Accent: Twinkle Twinkle.


Slice of colourful Mokume pre-prepare: thinly flatten and align thickness. Next roll it to a thin layer of black clay so that the layer has become flat and smooth.


Take the of black polymer clay ball and wraps it with a thin layer of clay with a pattern.

If this layer is too big – you can use a round Cutter.


Then make to our future ring round shape – make the ball!

Carefully presses, compress and smooth. Also, if there are visible places where air remains – pierce them with a needle.

Rolled ball until it disappears joints and dents.


Now we start to form a ring, giving it a nice shape!

Align all sides, pressing the workpiece to the table. In general: Smooth and presses – do everything that the ring was as you like!


Next, take the cap from the perfumes or other tube cutter to fit the desired size.

Envisage place for the hole in the ring and circular movements “screw in” cap into the workpiece – so cut out the hole – nice and tidy.


Align the hole edge and giving the final shape of the ring.


You can try on the ring, and if it is not enough for you, or less than the size you want – you can press the wall the ringlet thereby extending the hole.


We are finished!

Thank you for watching! Hope you like this tutorial.

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