Nov 15, 2015
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Video Tutorial Vol.15: «Textured & Dyed Rings» from Polymer Clay

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Skill level: Beginner to Advanced.

In this professional and detailed tutorial you will know how to make Textured & Dyed Rustics Rings from Polymer Clay covered with Patina! This video tutorial contains 15 minutes of HD-Video that detailed describe process of creation.

After watching this video you will know:
– How to make simple beautiful textured ring;
– How to use alcohol inks and patina with polymer clay;
– How to make rustics unique rings.

Current master-class will be understandable for a beginners who just start using polymer clay. If you are experienced craftsman then you’ll expand & improve your knowledge about creation process. Also you will see niceties of creation process.

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Basic polymer clay materials and tools required:
– Polymer Clay;
– PerlEx powder;
– Alcohol inks: Adirondack Caramel (Brown);
– Patina (Ranger);
– Metal caps from perfume;
– Acrylic rolling pin;
– Brush for paints;
– Soft brush for PerlEx powder;
– The thin blade for polymer clay.

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