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Embellishment Barocco Style Silicone Mold – Flexible Handmade Mold – SweetyBijou Tools, Polymer Clay, Precious Metal Clay, Ceramic

These handmade flexible molds are made by my improved technique. You can use it for many purposes! I see it as an element for the pendants. You will love to work with them!

Also, these molds can be baked with the temperature 145-150″C! This shell molds no needed any of releasers the clay will come out from mold very easy with a great detailed impression!

This handmade flexible mold is easy to use and produces beautiful pendants or charms. I make these molds from silicone which are flexible and require no release agent.

These molds can be used with all brands of polymer clay, but also work well for precious metal clay, porcelain, paper clay, ceramic clay, and even epoxy resin!

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