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Free Video Tutorials - Many Many quick start videos her in this section!

New to polymer clay jewelry making? Or are you more advanced in making polymer clay and metal projects? SweetyBijou Free Tutorials are a great way to hone your skills. Why not get started today?

Free Tutorials are created by SweetyBijou are created to help you to:

1. Gain basic knowledge of making polymer and metal clay jewelry, and other products too!
2. Learn and experiment with different options to help you create the most unique piece.
3. Put you on the fast track for making your own precious and passionate design into a first class product the first time, every time!

Our SweetyBijou tutorials will speed your pathway into the world of polymer and metal clay jewelry. There are so many exciting options by using our tutorials. A hobbyist or professional can hand-pick the choices of design, colors and patterns to develop exquisite jewelry pieces of their own personal imaginative design.

So, check our free tutorials: Décor and Accessories, Tips and Tricks, Jewelry Making, Mokume Gain, Stone Imitation, Surface Technique. Make a jewelry piece for personal use, a gift, or even commercial. If you desire one item or a special set. We have the building options here for you!

So fun, exciting, peaceful, artistic & rewarding. Join in our polymer clay jewelry passion today. Don't wait for the inspiration! Be the Inspiration!