Delivery In the case of COVID-19, delivery to many countries switches to shipping only by the sea or DHL delivery! Read more...

COVID-19 & Packages delivery

In the case of COVID-19, delivery to many countries switches to shipping only by land or by the sea!

In some countries, the mail services are closed on quarantine and do not provide any mail services.

But you still can make an order in my store.

Delivery will be made:

  • by sea (delivery time 2+ months)
  • by DHL within 3-7 days

Some countries have only DHL delivery option.

Friends, stay safe, positive and creative!

8 thoughts on “COVID-19 & Packages delivery

  1. I am aware of the changed shipping , but i thought at $50 order it was free? Therefore have not continued inspite of the great tools offered , hope to get a positive result, cheers marijke

  2. Hi!
    I have order by Etsy the 25 march and I tried to reach you from ETsy website because I still didn’t received the item.. But apparently it’s not possible to contact you by etsy at moment.

    I would like to know what is the name of the compagny in Portugal.; Because there is a mistake in my delivery adress. I had filled everything correctly, but in Etsy website they just register half of my adress.
    I need to tell it to the delivery comagny before the item is sending back to thailande.

    my complete adress
    johanna Badjan de Junnemann
    Rua Cruzado osberno 13
    1900-174 LISBON


  3. [Order #20681] (Apr 13, 2020)

    Can you tell me where my order is? In the shipping status, the last update was April 17th and I am unable to find any further information. Can you check into this for me? Thank you!!

    1. Hello, dear Patricia!
      Your order was shipped 17/04/2563 10:53 and now it is in transit! I can’t know where it is exactly now, but I want to believe that post will do their job at its best these days!
      Thank you for your patience!

  4. Hi, I ordered a few items on March 12th and it cleared my bank on March 13th for $64.00. Is there any way I can find out when I might receive it, or maybe you can check to see delivery date. Thank you

  5. Hi there,

    I have not yet received my order from March 21st. Though the status says shipped when looking up the tracking number on Thailand post it only shows it was posted, not shipped. Is there something you can do? Is there a better way to get a hold of you to discuss this further?

    Much Obliged,
    Kelly Burgh
    Order number: 20337

    Purchase date: 03/21/2020

    1. Hello Kelly!
      Oh, so sorry about that.. I will check it, and will give you the information about your package!

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