Video Course: Faux Jeans/Denim Fabric from Polymer Clay

Author’s Technique by Ludmila Bakulina (3.5 hours course)

In this unique author’s polymer clay course of Faux Jeans Imitations, you will learn how easy to achieve realistic Jeans Fabric imitation from polymer clay. You will be surprised how quick and easy you can get these results with simple additional tools and materials.

All course divided for 3 large parts and includes 6 detailed videos with more than 30 veneer and earrings projects. The total length of the full course is 3.5 hours of high-quality video material.

Part 1: Faux Jeans

In Part 1 I will show you new techniques on how to make realistic faux jeans/denim fabric in a very easy way in light blue and dark blue styles, the jeans fabric with dyed effects, as well as black jeans fabric too. 

Part 2: Embossed Faux Jeans

In Part 2 I will show you how easy to make a super realistic bleached embossed effect on faux jeans veneers. Here you’ll see a lot of different ways and styles.

Part 3: Jeans Jewelry

Part 3 is about jewelry making. You will learn how to use the faux jeans fabric veneers for attractive and comfortable wearable art-jewelry pieces.

If your purchase this Course you will get a Discount 30% on your next purchase!

I hope you will enjoy the whole art project I prepared for you! All video has finished process description, clear and pleasant to watch and learn.

So, I believe, that after finishing this course you will happy with the knowledge you got and you will easily create your own masterpieces for selling or for your own!

Faux Jeans/Denim Fabric​

MEGA Polymer Clay Course
$ 259 Unlimited Access
  • 3.5 hours length
  • 6 Video Tutorials
  • Materials & Tools links
  • Discount 30% for Next Purchase
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Jewelry from Course & for inspiration

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