Every one of you knows about the situation in my native country Ukraine. It is a very hard time with horrible feelings for me and my family. My heart is broken and my soul is full of sadness. But we are trying to support our families, our friends, and Ukrainian Army, as well as we need to make financial support for the recovery of the infrastructure in the country in the future.

In March 2022, 20% of all money I’ll receive from your orders I’ll send to the charity organizations in Ukraine, to support Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian people.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

One thought on “Support Ukraine Today!

  1. Dakotah Flannery
    Dakotah Flannery says:

    Just finished watching your 3 videos for the ‘Ukraine” pendant. As soon as any are available for purchase, please keep me in mind. I do not have the time to make one myself right now but I do support Ukraine’s fight to push back Russian aggression and if having one more piece of your great creations can help? Count me in. Thank you. Still holding you, your family/friends and fellow citizens close to my heart.

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