#2: Faux materials

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Create simple but attractive and unusual jewelry pieces that will look like they were made from natural materials: terracotta, wood, and metal! This course will help you to learn how to make different material imitations using simple materials and tools. In every video, you will find lots of useful tips and tricks for making surface techniques and unique jewelry.

The course consists of 3 parts which include 3 video tutorials, which are clear to understand. Also, you will get a detailed material list with tools and materials used in this course and also with links to where you can find them.

Part 1: Faux Terracotta – Veneer Project & Wearable art – Earrings Project

Part 2: Faux Old Red Wood – Bracelet project

Part 3: Faux Aged Metal – Bracelet project

I hope you will enjoy the whole art project I prepared for you! All video has finished the process description, clear, and pleasant to watch and learn.

So, I believe, after finishing this course you will happy with the knowledge you got and you will easily create your own masterpieces for selling or for your own!

Jewelry from the course for your inspiration

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