Silicone Textures

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Silicone Texture Patterns designed by SweetyBijou

Dream up your own jewelry! Our exciting Silicone Textures will offer your own personal unique design. We offer over 300 unique patterns of textures. Look them over and get started today.

Use our precision patterns to build a jewelry classy, stunning array of jewelry.

Just yours. Get personal! We have a wide selection of texture designs. In addition, we provide other exciting options to make your artistic jewelry a personalized brand. Check out textures like In the Forest, Faux Metal, Sea Patterns, Lace, Stone imitation, and plus many more options.

Artists love the many choices we offer our customers. Whether you are creating a breathtaking piece for yourself, for gifts, or for selling, SweetyBijou has an option for you.

SweetyBijou – your artistic answer!