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Tools for Polymer and Metal Clay Jewelry

We have many tools to enable artists to make finely artistically designed jewelry. Artists and hobbyists look to SweetyBijou for answers when it comes to polymer clay jewelry projects.

Are you creative and unique? Our tool choices lets you express yourself as an artist in the world of jewelry. This is especially true after the first few jewelry concepts. Your design ideas will run wild!

Please see our many categories. SweetyBijou categories include Clear Stamp, Dome Shape, Glass Tiles, Mandrel Tubes, Metal Bases, Plastic Textures, and Silicone Molds.

Every Artist has their own passion for favorite colors, tools and design. Sometimes their passion changes over time and then they are off on another design thread.

So fun, peaceful & rewarding. Join in our polymer clay jewelry passion today!

The Fun is in the Imagination!

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