Express delivery for everyone!

Hello, dear customers.

I found the problem for the last orders I shipped to the United States, Canada, and Australia when USPS service receives the parcel for delivery in the country of destination it has some problems with tracking and delivering parcels to the end clients. Some orders are delivering normally in 2 weeks, but others delivering up to 4-6 weeks or even 8-10 weeks.

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Express free shipping for orders $299+ (finished)

Today I want to start special promotion “Express free shipping” for the customers who make orders of $299 or more. This deal will be available not for all countries. So, when you put products in the cart for $299 or more and then open the checkout page you may see a delivery option “Express Free Shipping”. If so, you’re welcome to use it!

Happy shopping!

UDP: The promotion was available until June 18, 2021.