Marvelous Marrakech Collections​

Micro Multi-Cutters of Moroccan Style Patterns

Two new cutters collections for any kind of clay

This is a beautiful and unique handmade cutters that give you the opportunity to make various colourful patterns for your polymer clay creations: necklaces, earrings, pendants, and much more.


Marvelous Marrakech collections made from high-quality material with great precision of cutting edges! We created a wide variety of cutters available in 10 different patterns.

All cutters you can find in two independent styles.

All of these cutters cut tiny shapes and work best with polymer clay, ceramic, porcelain or precious metal clay.
The height of each shape is just 12mm with a high-quality result pattern.

Get ready to get your mind blown away!


The first collection of unique multi-cutters “Sunrise in Marrakech” has a framed shape designed to use with Mokume Gane technique as well as any other of your ideas.


All multi-cutters in this collection contain a single cutter and a special stick that allows you to remove small pieces from the cutter, and makes small stamps on the clay that has the same pattern as the shape.

Inspired by enchanting tales, hot desert nights, vibrant colors, unique shapes, and incredible patterns.


«Sunrise in Marrakech»


... and ...


The second collection of multi-cutters “Sunset in Marrakech” has ideally streamlined shapes and allows you to create tiny and high-quality tiles.


The cutters’ surfaces are extremely smooth so you wont have to clean them from the remains of polymer clay.

Create amazing and unique art with high-quality cutting tools!


«Sunset in Marrakech»


Customer reviews

Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Sunset in Marrakech cutter #9
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What I wrote about the Arabian Nights Cutters apply to these Sunset In Marrakech cutters as well in terms of their amazing smooth edges that they produce in the clay. I haven’t explored all the ways of using them yet though, but they are innovative and bring out my creative side. Thanks for that!!!
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Sunrise in Marrakech cutter #9
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My comments have been very lengthy and I keep repeating myself, amazing, sharp, clean edges, innovative design

10 patterns

Unique tools for unique jewelry

«Sunrise in Marrakech»

«Sunset in Marrakech»

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