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Preferred Beads for Earrings, Bracelet, or Necklace

Come inside and view SweetyBijou exclusive pages of polymer clay beads for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Each bead set is unique! When you create your bead project, the final project is yours alone. You can proudly say your creation is "one of a kind" by you!

There are many exquisite designs and colors available. You will have a "preferred bead set" when you purchase your selection. The set you are buying is not a set of duplicates. Which means your finished jewelry piece is "your original."

Artists and hobbyists love the idea that they can buy exclusively designed beads, and no replicates will follow. Once the bead set is sold, another duplicate set will not follow behind it for sale. Perfect for hobbyists and artists.

Perhaps you have gift ideas or are making your projects for commercial use. Maybe you have a particular theme design idea or want a unique jewelry piece. The choice belongs to you! Venture out with us today!

Develop your creative side by choosing SweetyBijou Beads. An artistry of fun, joy, and passion awaits you! Don’t forget to view the tutorials too!

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