Rubber Textures

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Rubber Textures by SweetyBijou

SweetyBijou rubber texture patterns can be used to create personal jewelry for you! Using polymer clay and metal clay, the design & texture choices are fantastically endless. The result is so realistic!

Laser engraving with high precision. Our textures are made using the latest laser engraving technology. The precision of our laser allows for realistic metal patterns and engraving.

Create Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces with SweetyBijou rubber textures! Begin by imagining the jewelry you want to create. Then you can select one of our “SweetyBijou Rubber Texture Patterns”. Our many choices of patterns will enable you to express a unique jewelry product.

Just imagine! Your own jewelry design for personal use, gifts or to sell. Perfect for Saturday Markets.

Check our special texture patterns for rings and earrings too. You can create your own matching set. SweetyBijou’s many designs will afford you an opportunity to create a brilliant collection of classy sets or individual items. Created by you!

Venture into SweetyBijou’s Romantic World of Design today!