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Exclusive Tools - Found “ONLY” at SweetyBijou!

This series of tools are exclusively designed and produced by us, SweetyBijou. A SweetyBijou Product Line is only marketed on our website.

Super "thin and sharp cutters" - our cutters are created with special technology! Made for polymer and metal clay jewelry, these cutters open unique choices for you. Our special thin cutters give you creative jewelry design options. The pieces you make are proprietary to you. Exciting!

Our company helps you develop unique jewelry products. Jewelry pieces designed by you and a final creation by you! We are a great avenue to make jewelry with your style of expression. Artists and hobbyists love our polymer clay tools and designs. Whether for fun or commercial use, we have everything available to meet your needs here at SweetyBijou. Perhaps you have gift ideas or making your projects for commercial use. Maybe you have a theme design idea in mind or really want a one of kind jewelry piece. The choice belongs to you!

Don’t forget to view free tutorials and premium tutorials too! Do you have idea for us? We would like to hear from you!