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Materials for creating your own project at SweetyBijou!

Get your personal materials at our website. We offer over 150 materials of choices of design opportunities!

Our choices of foil textile style patterns & design can "rock" your artistic imagination. Look over our Foil Transfer for creating your transfer project on polymer clay. Great for personal use or for market.

We have many exciting brilliant colors of metallic powder. We have primary colors and more. Many choices of exquisite colors. Artists will be able to invent their own style of jewelry easily. Whether a single unique design or jewelry sets, the choice is yours. Plus, we have metallic colored powder, like Rust Bronze, Copper Red and more available!

Our materials list include Adhesives, Foils, Powders, Inclusions, Metal Leafs. See the Metal Leaf foil. They are so exciting. Add them to your project today. The "Inclusions" take a project to another dimension. See the Gear Inclusions, chameleons and more too. SweetyBijou materials portfolio lets you imagine the precious and exclusive jewelry project you desire.

Start your magnificent polymer clay jewelry creations with SweetyBijou materials today! The fun is in the Search!