What kind of oven is the best for polymer clay?

When it comes to baking polymer clay, it is best to use a dedicated oven exclusively for this purpose. Here are some things to consider when choosing an oven for polymer clay:

  • Size: Choose an oven large enough to accommodate the size of your projects.
  • Temperature Control: The oven must have precise temperature control to ensure that the clay is baked at the proper temperature.
  • Heaters: A oven with both top and bottom heaters to keep the clay evenly baked.
  • Temperature gauge: An oven thermometer can be used to double check the oven temperature and ensure accuracy
  • Convection: An oven with a convection setting helps to circulate air and bake the clay more evenly.
  • Dedicated Oven: It is advisable to use a dedicated oven for polymer clay, as fumes from the clay can be harmful if they come into contact with food.

Based on these features, a toaster oven or steam oven with precise temperature control and both top and bottom heating elements would be ideal for baking polymer clay.