Today I want to share with you a real sample of how one of my customers ordered three different packages the same day and how they were shipped to the USA.

The customer made an order and I need to pack different things in the three different packages. All these packages were shipped in a 1-day delay, so:

  • The 1st package left Thailand on May 5 and arrived in the USA on May 25 (after 20 days it travel from Thailand to the USA). On June 1 customer received the package at the final destination;
  • The 2nd and 3rd packages left Thailand on May 6 (1 day after the 1st package) but both of them arrived in the USA on June 22 and June 23 (after 47 days!). And now they are delivering to the final destination.

Also, I want to share the screenshots from the tracking application for these packages:

Tracking Info #1

May 5 – Left Thailand
May 25 – Arrived in the USA

20 days

Tracking Info #2

May 6 – Left Thailand
June 22 – Arrived in the USA

47 days

Tracking Info #3

May 6 – Left Thailand
June 23 – Arrived in the USA

48 days

So, as you can see it’s really strange how packages are shipped to the destination country. That’s why standard shipping now has notes about 2 to 9 weeks to deliver the packages.

So, I want to ask you to be more patient about receiving your parcels.

Thank you

One thought on “Delivery Review to the USA, June 2021

  1. Céline CHARLES
    Céline CHARLES says:

    Personnellement, j’ai été livrée en France très rapidement, mon colis est parti le 20 août et je l’ai reçu le 30 août.
    Trop heureuse de cette réception rapide.

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