Hello, dear customers

I found the problem for the last orders I shipped to the United States, Canada, and Australia when USPS service receives the parcel for delivery in the country of destination it has some problems with tracking and delivering parcels to the end clients. Some orders are delivered normally in 2 weeks, but others deliver up to 4-6 weeks or even 8-10 weeks.

In this case, I downgraded the start delivery price and I will pay part of this price by myself. Express (EMS) delivery has become more affordable for everyone!

The features of Express (EMS) delivery:

  • delivery time around 14 days (in some cases even 7 days);
  • detailed tracking information for parcels from SweetyBijou to the destination address.

I really worry about the service and your experience in my shop and want to make you happy. So you’re welcome to shop in SweetyBijou!

UPDATED: The promotion ended on June 18, 2021

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