Lightweight romantic earrings in simple technique


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Tools and materials used in tutorial “Romantic earrings: lightweight jewelry in simple techniques”:

  • Polymer clay Primo Gold and Peacock pearl;
  • UV nail polish and Magic Gloss;
  • 3d super high-quality printed cutters
  • Lace Textures
  • Powders
  • Earring findings
  • Sponge
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Stay safe and creative, friends!

Subtitles from Video

Hello friends! I wanted to say a Big Thank You! We shipped now the 50th set of cutters from the Arabian Night Collection! And we, I mean me and my family, are very grateful to all my super loyal and amazingly beautiful customers for all your endless support and trust in me! Thank you!

A quick Tips&Tricks topic: When you will get one or more sets of my unique cutters – do not throw out the plastic bag which wrapped the box. Just cut off less than a half and keep the box in the plastic bag! It will help you to keep the box in nice and clean condition!

Do not throw the cutters on a hard surface like a ceramic, wood, concrete, glass floor.

You will find all tools used in the video in the links below!

I rolled the black Premo clay on set #2 of my Atlas 150

Tips & Tricks: to have the best result with foils, be sure you smooth down the foil very well – use a piece of paper. !!! Especially in the place where you will start the peel off the foil.

To have the best result with texture prints – use my large super-thin sponges! The clay won’t stick to your roller and will stay on the texture! Keep the sponge in the plastic zip bag! The sponge is needed to be wet all the time! And voila! How amazing the result I got?! Unique and tender colors and patterns!

And we are not done yet! ^_^ I’m very grateful to Lisa Pavelka for this technique! She is a great artist! It’s magic!

Simple manipulations give a great result! Understandable without words!

I just love to use my cutters in my work! They give so my pleasure to touch them by my hands! You definitely should try them!

By the way! I put one mini cutter as a gift to every order in my shop! ;D

I shaped the metal micro cutters in a teardrop!

Here is what I was thinking about when I draw this design of cutters! ^_^

I think it is a beautiful romantic shape for earrings and pendants! The largest cutter you can use for the pendant/necklace!

Now the workpieces for earrings are ready for baking! I will bake them for 30 min at 150″ C

Here is my first try and result, baked and cooled down! After baking – let them cool down!

Now, as usual, I will cover the surface with the Magic Gloss and UV nail Top. For the glass-like look, I love to use Magic Gloss by Lisa Pavelka!

Finishing the jewelry!

The earrings is simple but attractive! As well as lightweight and comfortable to wear!

And finally, here is my finished result! I love how they came out! And you?

Let me know in the comments below, what you think! I also will be happy to see your results made by my tutorials!

Oh, by the way, here is another bunch of earrings from my last experiments with the new tools ;)) which is coming soon!

Thanks for watching!


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