Necklace Cutter #1


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This «Necklace Cutter #1» allows you to create a variety of shapes from various kinds of clay, such as polymer clay, metal clay, ceramic clay, or any other soft materials. This tool allows you to get extremely close to your desired shape with minimal work.

Sizes of the cutters

These cutters available in next sizes on your choose:

  1. Cut Width – 6cm
  2. Cut Width – 8cm
  3. Cut Width – 10cm
  4. Cut Width – 12cm
  5. Cut Width – 14cm
  6. Cut Width – 16cm

* all sizes may have +/- 0.5mm margin of error.

Additional Information

All these cutters are printed with PLA Pro plastic. The color of the cutters will be as you can see on the pictures or photos, but in some cases, the color may be changed depending on available material. The quality of the cutters will be the same no matter of its color. Video and images in preview made for reference only. Printed cutters will be slightly different in material.


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