Wrapping bracelet. Faux Leather and Metal Imitation


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How to make: Wrapping bracelet. Faux Leather/Metal Imitation

In this video, I want to show you how to use my bracelet cutters for making a simple textured bracelet.

To make these bracelets I used my new unique cutters. It’s a great new tool for making polymer clay bracelets! All designs were drawn by myself. There are many unique designs 🔥🔥🔥 and you can order them in a few sizes. These bracelet cutters are made of Pro PLA plastic and they are very durable!

💥💥💥 I’m sure – you never saw anything like these tools! 💥💥💥

For making this bracelet I used black Premo mixed with black Fimo leather 1:1. The cutter I used is 16cm lenght. And for such type of the bracelets I need to stretch the clay before baking.

Tools and materials

– Polymer clay Premo – Black;
– Polymer clay Fimo Leather – Black;
– SweetyBijou Bracelet Cutters;
– Clear silicone stamps;
– Gilders paste – Rich Gold – you can find it on eBay;
– Patina effect paint by “Finnabair Art Extravagance” – you can find it on eBay;
– Deli paper;
– Polymer clay blades;
– Bracelet metal base;
– Magnets;
– Superglue.

Stay safe and creative, friends!

With best wishes,
Ludmila Bakulina


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