Bakeable Blanks for Jewelry

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Special “Bakeable Blanks” for Jewelry

Venture into new and exciting ideas. Whatever your intent, SweetyBijou will help enable you to bring out an artful piece.

Please try our special baking blanks for polymer clay projects. You will find our blanks are durable. The blanks are long lasting for finished jewelry. Whether you are making rings, bracelets, or other shapes you can use our jewelry blanks and your jewelry piece will be durable and strong, ensuring the finished products will not break up. SweetyBijou blanks will help you make brilliant jewelry pieces.

Our blanks are always changing! Please check back for more stock often!

Make a jewelry piece for personal use, a gift, or even commercial enterprise! If you desire just one special item or a unique set, we have the building options here for you on our website!

So fun, exciting, peaceful, artistic & rewarding. Join in our polymer clay jewelry passion today!

Make An Unusual Jewelry Effect! Try our Special Blanks today!
Are you new to polymer clay jewelry making?
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