Moroccan Style Earrings with unique tools


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In this video tutorial, I want to show you how to use my new unique tools for creating unique and stylish earrings!

The tools and materials I used in this tutorial:
– Polymer clay Premo black;
Colorful veneer in Tiles technique from the last tutorial;
– Any other veneer in contrast colors – probably in some faux stone imitation technique
– Gouache Paint – Golden color;
– UV Magic Gloss;
– Earrings findings;
Metal leaves;
Deli paper;
Polymer clay blades;
– Varnish (Gloss) in a spray.

For creating such a colorful pattern I used black clay (Premo) and colorful veneer from my previous video tutorial, I also used a veneer in my Zebra jasper faux stone imitation. I rolled out the black clay on setting #3 for the layer with metal leaf and for the back layer, I rolled the other black sheet of clay on set #4.

The black striped veneer I also rolled on set #3.

I decided to use the Gouache Paint in Golden color to fill in the space between the tiles in the pattern. It has a pretty bright color and it is easy to use. But be sure, the places with Gouache Paint you varnish completely because it is easy to wash the paint out with the water!

I hope you enjoyed the video and I will be happy if you will leave your comments below the video. Also, feel free to put Like and Share the video with your friends and your polymer clay community!

If you have any questions, just let me know!

❤️Stay safe and creative, friends!

With best wishes,
Ludmila Bakulina


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